Sexy is…

Have you ever just sat for a moment and asked yourself what makes you feel sexy? There really is no better feeling. Sexy is an attitude. It comes from within, it’s not the dress you’re wearing, its whats under the dress that counts. I’m not talking about your pretty panties or slinky slip or lacy bra cause lets face it if you took off your panties, slip and bra you’d still feel sexy maybe even sexier than with them on. I am talking about what oozes from your pores when you slip that dress over your head and own it!

Size or shape doesn’t matter, sex appeal is as personal as our own DNA. When I see a women with curves walk with purpose I take notice because she exudes sex appeal for her confident attitude alone and if she swinging her hips she’s rockin her world and that’s just Sexy at its best! Anyone can pull off sexy if they stop looking at what they don’t have and concentrate on what they do have!

Sexy is…

Don't be shy

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