Male Sexy Bits ~

The male physique is naturally sexy. As women we are drawn to it for obvious reasons but we are not all drawn to the same parts. The back of a man’s neck can send some women into a tail spin just standing behind him in a line up. There’s his sexy hard-working hands that you visualize holding your face when he kisses you. The forearms that ripple when he twists his wrist reaching for the door. There are the more obvious parts such as the buttock and chest but for me it’s the parts that we don’t always focus on that I find have more sex appeal. The jaw line that leads us to his lips, collar-bone that takes us to his chest, lower back that draws us to his buttocks, all the parts lead us there. Every part of the male physique is attractive to one women or another that’s what makes our connection so unique. A man doesn’t have to be buff to be sexy, sexy comes from within. It’s a natural aura all men have some are just more aware of it than others.

With cloths off the male energy sparks an instant attraction to most women. With cloths on we have to use our imagination. I want to use my imagination and drag it out as long as humanly possible before seeing what’s under that shirt. It builds intrigue and desire. If you see it all right away then you’ve lost a very intoxicating moment of unwrapping and exploring the gift of the male body!

There is no ‘type’ in particular that I am more attracted to. A natural build is more appealing to me but again it’s all about the male energy that wins in the end each time. What I am most attracted to in a man other than the look in his eyes is one who can be himself no matter where he goes or who he’s with. Being you… is Sexy.

4 thoughts on “Male Sexy Bits ~

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  2. I enjoyed ur article ur a gd writer,very insightful.Its strange the the things we find sexy myself men who possess a large nose,wow they make me weak lol.Look Forward 2 reading something of urs again.Karen

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