Slip into Something Sexy~

Slip into something sexy…trust me it will make a world of difference! This is where we have choices and they can either make or break a moment. The next time you’re feeling frisky try adding a little sexy spice to your wardrobe and see where it leads you. You might be surprised.

One of the biggest mistakes women make in my humble opinion is they stop ‘dressing up‘ for their significant other. If we would think of our partner as someone we just started dating the room would heat up much quicker! Lets face it when we first meet the sexual innuendoes and tension between a man and a women are at an all time high. Take a peek back into the past when you met someone special and visualize what made the chemistry so intoxicating. Wander around there until you start to feel the anticipation and intrigue they once made you feel. That’s the first step.

It’s all about owning that sexy pair of jeans, fishnets or the silky robe we keep hanging on the bathroom door for the perfect moment. Every moment can be ‘a moment’ if you make it one! Get lost in the anticipation of what could be if you just follow your instinct and stop second guessing yourself. Take charge and rock his world! Neither of you will be disappointed!

Flirt, anticipate, give him something to think about and watch what happens when you slip into something Sexy! You really need to grab those windows with both hands and just go for it.

Don't be shy

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