Kiss me…no don’t!

The nervous energy felt magnetic. We stood with little distance between us. Neither of us looked away. Trying to read his eyes and body language was stimulating. I felt drawn to his mouth, it was so incredibly sexy. He knew exactly what to do to keep me just slightly off balance. Our chemistry kept building slowly, at any moment it could have spun out of control.

My subconscious kept whispering ‘kiss me…no don’t.’ I savoured what I thought was the moment before our lips would touched for the very first time. His were so close I could feel his breath. I felt hypnotized. I was in the moment at last quenching my thirst with the intoxicating chemistry that filled the room. Each subtle touch was magnified. I had surrender, he didn’t know it. I was being lead down the path of no resistance. Kiss me…no don’t, he read my mind.

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