Chivalry is Sexy ~

Chivalry is sexy ~ Women don’t relying on men for much of anything anymore other than satisfying our sexual appetites and even that doesn’t really require a man. I am self sufficient, independent and can fend for myself. I don’t need a man to do anything for me but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a man to do certain things for me.

When a man reaches his arm infront of me to open the door he closes the distance between us ever so slightly which forces me to gently slip by him. Imagine that in slow motion, it’s sexy! When he offers his brute strength to me how can I resist the opportunity to stand by and watch him…do whatever! I am perfectly capable but why give away the gift to visually take in his gesture of kindness. When a man makes me aware that he’s looking out for me keeping me safe that’s as sexy as it gets, it’s his raw basic instinct. You can’t deny that’s sexy!

There is a balance between being capable and allowing a man to be a man when he’s in your presence. It’s equally important to return the gesture. I love my independence but would think it tragic if men stopped being real men which includes chivalry!

Chivalry is not dead…it’s waiting to present itself to you, the key…acknowledge it when it does happen upon you!

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