Affection in public between couples who are sexually attracted to one another is rarely seen anymore. No one even holds hands! I think flirting in public is a total turn on. It’s not only ‘safe’ because you are in public but being viewed as taboo heightens the experience even more. It forces each person to be more creative with what they say and do. Standing pressed up against each other in a crowd without reacting naturally can be a challenge for any sexual being. Public display of affection can be the most sensual foreplay, if done tastefully.

Eye contact, a warm whisper in your partners ear, subtle innuendoes such as undressing him with your eyes while in mid sentence can change the direction of any conversation. I call it a sexual interlude or sex pause. When two people have obvious chemistry it doesn’t take much to heat up a room. You have to know those in close proximity can feel the energy building…but they shouldn’t be make to feel like a voyeur or you’ve gone too far…”get a room!”

Kissing is the most intimate form of affection between two people which can be painfully hard to resist when the moment strikes. Stealing a passionate kiss from a man who you find irresistible is a moment remembered for eternity. These moments need to be embraced for if lost and not acted upon they may never be placed in front of us again.

When a man embraces a women’s jaw with both hands and slowly moves towards her lips with his everyone watching in the moment lives it as if it’s theirs. I love public display of affection when it makes you feel like you caught a moment suspended in time…it’s a gift not easily forgotten.

7 thoughts on “Public~Display~of~Affection

  1. ‘Wack! Why don’t you kiss me like that in public anymore?’

    It starts in public. Then not in front of the kids. Then not right now, until ‘right now’ never comes. I love seeing public displays of affection. Especially our elders still holding hands after 50 years of marriage. Any display of public affection – even just ‘I love you’, is nice to see. For anyone who has lost or been hurt by love, seeing that it still exists gives others hope that love is out there.

    In my eyes, people still holding hands symbolizes there is hope yet for this troubled planet. Let go of your mobile devices and hold hands. The warmth of a real live person will give you more pleasure than an overheating cell phone that has been stuck on your ear for the better part of the day.

    Fall in love. Not into a fountain.

    • Hilarious, is that what our world of PDA has come to! Perfect really, I hope her text was worth it.
      I say do it when the urge overwhelms you! Live in the moment! As long as you’re being tastful, embrace the moment when you can think of nothing else but the lips of the person standing next to you!
      Thanks for sharing you’re male perspective, there is nothing sexier than a man who can express himself openly and honestly! Ahhh…sigh! 🙂

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  3. You are very right when you talk about certain parts of the country, especially the Frost Belt. But you do still see it sometimes in the Sunbelt area, especially places like the Gulf Coast area and the Atlantic Southeast (including the states of Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and even as far north as Tennessee). And in fact, I even once read that it has been observed that people in the Deep South/Sunbelt region do actually hug more often than people in the northern tier states, including the Frost Belt states.

    • Crazy isn’t it! You would think that in the Frost Belt it would make more sense to keep warm and in the Sun Belt it would be avoided because of the heat, or is it that we are cold and miserable and those in the sun feel that endorphins of spring and summer which leads to affection naturally! Hmmmm, makes me want to move to a warmer climate! 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

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