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Have you ever stood gazing into the eyes of a man and found yourself being turned on by his intellect. No…me neither, but by his body for sure! I’m kidding! I absolutely love in-depth conversations with the opposite sex. Intellect is sexy and when you add a splash of humour (insert angels singing here)…irresistible!ย When a man and women are intellectually connected it’s stimulating beyond control. The right conversation gets the juices flowing leaving us tingling with excitement! Its like a duel with dialog! Imagine that for a moment (day dream pause) a handsome guy who knows how to turn you on with his mouth using intellect! Women don’t want cheesy lines or cheap verses they want a man with substance who can also teach them something outside of the bedroom. That’s sexy!

I am not talking about men who have the gift of the gab I mean men who are incapable of being manipulated by women who use their sexuality as a tool to get what they want! Men who are looking for a woman to turn their brain on excites me! Conversation is key to any relationship lasting past the bedroom. You can be sexually attracted to someone and not have anything in common when it comes to intellect. Eye candy just doesn’t cut it when you want to take it to the next level! I’d give up the candy to have the man who can seduce me with his mind any day! I love smart men!

Knowledge is power and with power comes responsibility. Doesn’t the handsome man in the picture above look like he would be intellectually stimulating, powerful, responsible and incredibly sexy all at the same time? Great ad campaign if he’s not!

Seeking more knowledge allows growth of the human mind. I find a man who seeks knowledge very attractive, it shows a thirst for life. It shows they’re always wanting more, in turn making me want more…in more ways than one! Intellect is sexy!

~ The photo above is from the website Alex Cannon one of the leaders in fashionable sportswear, New York!

13 thoughts on “Intellect ~

  1. You had me in full agreement until I saw your chosen model photo and related comments. You can’t look at someone and know they are intelligent. Here’s to us average-looking diamonds waiting to be discovered!

    • ‘Average-looking diamonds waiting to be discovered’ now that’s what I’m talking about! A man who can intrigue a woman with words!

      You are correct, you can’t tell by looking at someone what their intellect is. I’ve met men who were very attractive and wished they hadn’t spoken a single word, and others who were average that I wish had not stopped I was so captivated!

      Handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder just as is beauty! It’s not always the physical persona that attracts us to the opposite sex, it’s sometimes as simple as the look in a man’s eyes. And I do believe with that you can tell instantly if there is substance behind them!

      It wasn’t the physical attributes of this particular man which made me think he was intellectually stimulating, it was more of a look he had about him, a seriousness perhaps. Not that seriousness equates intellect either.

  2. Sounds nice Ma’am. But women can only appreciate that intellect if a man looks good. In the end looks decide intellect – too. I always doubted that if a women spends so much time on making herself beautiful how can she not expect the same skin depth yardsticks in a guy? When a guy looks good even the burp sounds – brilliant. What’s your take on this?

  3. I beg to differ, personally, looks definitely do not decide if I appreciate intellect. Perhaps a shallow woman would only appreciate the intellect of a man whom she only finds physically attractive. But keeping in mind attraction is as debatable as two people liking the same type of food. We all find different qualities attractive. Attraction is as unique as our DNA.
    This also works in reverse, you may find a stunning woman whom after speaking to, becomes less attractive because of her shallow qualities or lack of intellect. What really matters is whether or not you can carry on an interesting conversation with the person you chose to spend time with. In the end we all look the same, so choosing a partner should be a combination of intellect that stimulates us mentally and attraction in the physical form.
    As for women spending long periods of time making themselves look beautiful, that again is in the eye of the beholder. I think a woman is most beautiful when she has less added products on her naturally beautiful self. In my experience men find women more beautiful when they don’t try so hard. Natural beauty is the kindest.

    As for a man burp sounding brilliant…doesn’t matter how good he looks if he doesn’t excuse himself, he’s rude.
    Thanks for your comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Tracy! Then I’m really glad. Yes, you make sense when you say that attractions lies in the eyes of the beholder. And the relationship, I suppose, is a combination of intellect, physical attraction and feelings. All three play cupid and somewhere the chemistry starts a combustion. For example, women want to know if the size of breasts attract a guy. Big size, sure they do, or else Pamela Anderson wouldn’t be on the pedestal that she is. Just like a 6 pack guy attracts a female. BUT, that’s not the end of the world because a woman too is a combination of a whole lot of magical chemistry. A smile, simplicity, her confidence – just won’t know.

    About natural beauty, you’re right. Women are inherently beautiful. It’s very rare to find an ugly woman. In their natural state, they are beautiful and there’s always some attractive feature. Even make up, I am not against the idea of a woman trying to make herself more attractive, unless overdone to the point of looking like a painted dll.

    Another example I can give you is that of Prince Charles, Lady Diana and Camila Bowles Parker. It’s intriguing. Lady Diana is the beauty and CBP is the beast in comparison. But the prince was charmed by CBP. I suppose this is a perfect example of some magical element getting the better of looks. Interesting post.

  5. And – about good looks in a women – this was my experience. I was sitting in my Doc’s clinic and there was this stunningly beautiful woman, with love eyes and a face that an artist would love to sketch. I couldn’t help glancing at her a number of times. Just couldn’t help it. After many admiring glances later this lady asked the assistant if her turn was coming late.

    She asked in the the roughest crudest tone. Boom went my admiration for her looks. What expected was a refined soft voice. What I heard was a voice that could have clobbered me some more glances later. So, you have a point.

  6. “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

    So herein for me lies the eternal question as to attraction. As a young man I was attracted to physical beauty and was fortunate to have found pretty packages that when opened displayed gifts of kindness, empathy and love for others.

    However, more often than not in my younger days I chose pretty packages that had been painstakingly wrapped to perfection. When the pretty wrapping were removed I found that I had torn up the best quality of the gift. That is to say I would rather have left the gift unopened.

    Now with the discerning eye that only comes with experience I choose to wait to explore the gift before me. The shiny paper no longer challenges me to tear it open and see what is inside. Rather I use my crafted intellect to explore the gift, turn it over in my hands and maybe give it a shake or two. I sometimes may even put the gift back to explore later. In time the pretty paper may fade but what is inside is still there to be discovered. The external wrapping has preserved the beauty inside.

    To change analogies I am like a diamond. I may not be polished. I may not be shiny. I may not attract the inexperienced to pick me up and discover me. Alas for them.

    But I am a diamond nonetheless. I am a gift that radiates beauty and strength from underneath the pretty paper. Who will take a chance and the time to help open me up?

    Wisdom knows beauty. Wisdom understands vanity. If only the reverse were true.

    • I love this comment Rick, I think what you have learned over the years is patience, it truly is a virtue! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are so impatient wanting everything yesterday, no one is willing to wait for anything. If we can’t have what we want right now, we lose interest and get distracted by something shiny so to speak.

      I love the line ‘turn it over in my hands and maybe give it a shake or two’. That is hard for many to do. You are willing to live in the moment but also make it last as long as you can! Yes! That is what it is all about! Those moments are gifts and to treasure them is wise!
      Great comment, one that makes me think!

  7. Love your blog – very cool! โค i am also building mine at the moment, it can be a lot of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and itโ€™s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.โ€ – Marilyn Monroe. -ps beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ๐Ÿ˜‰ xox Y.

    • Thanks! Love the quote! How true, I want to be anything BUT boring! I would rather ruffle a few feathers than abide by all the rules! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I will check out your link for sure! Thank you for your comment!

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