Dishevelled is SeXy…

Have you ever been somewhere and caught a glimpse of a man or woman who look dishevelled, not quite put together. You instinctively tune into their release of pheromones without even knowing it. Every sense in your body becomes alive with wonder. With every ounce of your being you know they just got some. If you’ve ever been interrupted right in the middle of a blind passionate rendezvous you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s no time or brain focus to do buttons up properly let alone zip up pants or get your skirt on right!

There are so many subtle hints that someone was enjoying themselves far more than the rest of us…

A glazed over look in their eyes…you know they are playing the last few moments over and over again in their mind. Smudged lipstick on a man’s face or collar. A woman’s dewy flush cheeks from her heart rate spiking so rapidly! Whisker burns around a woman’s freshly kissed mouth from a man who just couldn’t get enough of her erogenous lips! Tousled hair that SCREAMS passion. Shirt tucked in half way because he forgot what he was doing. The unzipped fly you can’t look away from no matter how hard you try. Buttons done up askew. Skirt tucked into panties put on inside out.

The adrenaline rush is obvious with the guilty look of pleasure. Moments before they reached the point of no return and are desperately trying to get back but reality won’t allow it. That brief moment in time is gone only to be relived in their minds…over and over again until they meet again.

We all recognize the look especially if we’ve been there ourselves. Envy is what onlookers are thinking. Being dishevelled because you lost your mind when your partners desire for you out weighted the risk of getting caught…is sexy!

7 thoughts on “Dishevelled is SeXy…

  1. This is ridiculous, of a shallow mentality experiences like this are short-lived and forgotten…. what about those who are not attractive to others or those who are ill and wheelchair bound or bed ridden? None of this is realistic in the big picture. You are getting old and you need to get a life. You sound like a woman that is not happy in her life or marriage and trying to find a way to cope. It’s as if you’re fearing becoming an old woman which is inevitable by the way, and trying to be something you’re not or at least lead others to believe it. Who cares what others think, it’s what God thinks that matters. You really should start reading the bible, don’t go to church, God has given them up years ago due to their sensual lusts and man made gospel and unwillingness to see what the bible really does say. Just pray for mercy and true wisdom. Unless God opens our eyes we are all spiritually dead. We’re all going to die and there’s no time for dreaming…. it’s time to get real and look at things on a deeper level and stop being so self centered… and that goes for all of us, not just you.

    • John,
      Before I even start to respond to your misdirected comment I’m really curious as to what tag word you googled to find my blog? Here are some from the list for this posting…desire, guilty pleasure, point of no return, rendezvous, sensual pleasure, unzipped fly, smudged lipstick. How did you happen upon my site John? A serious question.

      Love the word ridiculous (my favorite word of all time) and shallow comes in a close second by the way!

      Experiences such as these may be short lived but I can’t agree with forgotten. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of experiencing one themselves would agree I’m sure.

      I don’t believe anyone is unattractive, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is someone for everyone. Not everyone finds the same men/women attractive. Beauty goes far beyond external looks.The human soul is whats beautiful. We all eventually look the same in the end so it’s really about communication.

      Your comment about those who are ill, wheelchair bound and bed ridden not having any sensual experiences with their partner is what’s ridiculous. You are counting them out of such experiences why? I’d love to hear some stats on those confined to a wheelchair and sexual encounters. I’m guessing the number is not going to be a big fat zero! Being ill is one thing but unless you’ve been ill your entire life…not buying it! Bed ridden…again not buying it. If my partner was ever bed ridden…I think you can guess what I was going to say!

      Reality for some is fantasy for another John. Everyone is on a even playing field when it comes to imagination or fantasy. You really should try to live in the moment it’s a beautiful thing.

      It’s obvious you don’t know me. I embrace each age with a smile on my face. I don’t fear growing old and know I will continue to do it gracefully. I wouldn’t go back to yesterday…okay maybe yesterday but certainly not my youth. I love being 48 and look forward to each year I have left on this beautiful place called earth. I have lived a charmed life. I am in fact one of the happiest people you will ever meet, well not you but those who have would tell you I am.

      You have it all wrong John I am not trying to be someone I am not, I am authentic. I am comfortable in my own aging un-perfect skin. I write about my life and personal experiences for the most part…sorry if that makes you like me less but it’s the truth.

      I would continue point for point on what you wrote but you kind of lost me when you started to talk about God. We obviously don’t see ‘God’ in the same light.

      All I can say about my site John is if you don’t like it don’t read it. I won’t be offended, to each his own.

  2. Tracy he obviously does NOT know you and if he did, would totally get where your coming from. I really dislike it when people feel the need to bring God into every situation, as if it validates the point they are trying to bring across, sorry it does not! Tracy you are a person who I have always seen as being comfortable in your own skin, aging very beautifully and such a positive light in alot of people’s lives, keep doing what your doing, we love it!

  3. Well Tracy, since you answered that comment so eloquently and professionally, I won’t feel so bad about being politically incorrect.

    My favorite part of your response, is your ‘reading back’ of your keywords. Which keyword was it John, that brought you here? Perhaps you are visiting other sites filled with open passion, adding these same judemental remarks to those pages. Is this the work of ‘your’ God? I know we shouldnt’ judge many by one, but your remarks add to a growing list of many, that have made me unable to believe in God or religion in general. We all need faith of some sort but for me, that faith is in my own heart first and foremost. Then, my faith is in my family and my friends. Including this passionate soul who you just put down based on some fairy tale belief.

    If I am going to hell for not believing, I think I’ll have some wonderful, passionate, true-to-self company. Bring it on. I’ll bring the sunscreen.

    Tracy, I see a lot of this too with regards to much of what I write. I see it in comment secitons of online newspapers and alternative media. You learn to except it and realize that there are some angry, unhappy people out there who really have nothing better to do than to look for every opportunity to put down others. Perhaps one could say, that they lack the passion that lives between the lines of everything you right.

    Do you need a hug, John?

    • Lawrence and Karen,

      Well said you two. John you must be a very unhappy individual,hopefully someday you will find happiness in your life. As for Tracy you could not find a more loving, caring and centered individual.
      Everyone has a right to what God they believe in. My motto has always been “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I know a man who is a paraplegic has a lovely wife and three children. Who has found happiness in love, sex and passion and that is real in my book. Look outside your small box and you may be surprised what is out there in the real world. A.J.

    • Thank you for the comment Lawrence. I have to agree with you concerning religion. I consider myself spiritual not religious because of people or judgement from people such as John. I too have my spiritual beliefs first and foremost in my heart and conscious mind. Other than shoulder pain I sleep soundly with a clear conscience of who I am. I don’t judge, I open my mind to all spiritual/religious beliefs and take from each what I personally think feels right for me. Actions speak louder than words in most cases. I treat people the way I wish for them to treat me. It’s basic.
      I don’t think you have to worry about going to hell, there is a middle ground in my world called Hellven that is a place for good people who sometimes do socially questionable thing. Its left up to the individual as to whether or not it is the right fit for them because it would be impossible to pick anyone on this planet to be a judge of what is socially questionable, so its up to each person to place themselves where they think they should be. Heaven, Hellven or Hell.
      If it feels wrong…don’t do it. If it feels too good to be true…it probably is. If it feels right…jump with both feet with no regret! 🙂
      So if you move on from this incredible world and want to get together for a great conversation, Hellven is where I will be! I won’t need to save you a seat…there is infinite seating available!

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