Have you ever engaged in a sex-text volley? It’s basically phone sex without the voice. I am not a fan of texting for the purpose of a long conversation but to send an enticing message to the man of your desire…well that’s completely different. I’d prefer to hear the sexy male voice. I take that back. I’d prefer to see the sexy man behind the sexy voice but this post isn’t about sex, it’s about sext. Cyber-sex.

I think most male and female energy have played a role in sexting to some degree. If you haven’t proceed with caution! It can quickly get out of control just as some in-person sexual encounters can. It is about sex and when sex is involved whether in person or otherwise we have a tendency to lose ourselves in the moment. It’s easy to say too much through text let alone sext because we get brave without the person standing in front of us. A false sense of security.

There are a few basic rules you should follow; trust the person you’re sexting, don’t send any photo’s you’re not willing to have posted all over the internet and make sure the recipient is the person intended to read your words! We’ve all experienced the rush of sending a message to the wrong person. Keep your face out of it no matter hard it is to resist sending your smile along with what you are thinking or doing! Sexting is a form of flirting taken one step further. You can’t take back the words or photos once you press send.

If it’s done with a trusted partner it can still give the thrill of a taboo encounter without the feeling of guilt or regret. Trust your instinct and avoid crossing any lines. If you feel like you’ve been electrocuted after sending or receiving one from someone you don’t know very well, its safe to say some lines have been crossed and I suggest you walk away before it’s too late.

It can be one of the most stimulating foreplay there is if done with your trusted partner. When a message come across the screen of your phone that’s attached to a personalized chime it can stimulate the senses instantly. The simply sound of a glass being tapped can send your loins into a knot with anticipation of what’s going to be said in 20 words or less. Condensed sex. You’ve got to keep it simple, straight to the point, short and sweet. Depending on the message it can be completely distracting. Focus? What focus? I don’t suggest you get into it during an important meeting where you need to pay attention…you may leave not knowing what just happened in the room. You will however feel completely alive!

Take a moment out of your day to sext your partner, it will change everything! Stimulating your partners thoughts throughout the day can lead to a very sexy evening.

Don’t knock it until you try it…

3 thoughts on “Sext…

  1. I tried it with my wife…. she just laughed at me… or should I say… “LOLOLOLO” at me. I guess I should just stick to flirting in person.

    Great post as usual Tracy!

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