Brief Encounters are Sexy…

I caught him looking at me through the crowded room. I looked away quickly and then glanced over again to see if it was coincidence, he was looking once more. He never usually stared, he was always serious and never smiled back in the past. Why today? What was different? I had given up on smiling at him so I kept my composure. I stared back with no expression, he didn’t look away. Did he see me or was he looking through me, it was hard to tell. I tried not to look away but he was much stronger than I in that moment. I felt disoriented, a rush of adrenaline surged through my veins as I tried to focus on the Batistas question. The only word I was able to form was coffee. She sensed my thoughts were scattered. I turned around to find his gaze aimed directly at me…again. Was the Universe playing games with me? Was it catching up on work undone? Was timing finally in sync?

He was solid and secure. His strength came through his eyes. I stood staring not able to move. His body rose slowly and made its way toward mine. His stare captured mine and wouldn’t let go. As he approached his eyes said he had something to say. He had me. As he was about to speak his eyes softened and mouth relaxed, he was sure that this was the right moment. His pheromones had come to close for me to say no to whatever he was about to ask. I would have handed him everything I was able in that moment.

His words were on the tip of his tongue when a hand was placed on his shoulder making him look away. It only took a split second to adjust what was about to become. I turned having instant doubt he was about share his words with me. I continuing in a daze of what might have just transpired if he was given just one more moment. Perhaps we were not meant to speak today? I looked in the window as I walked by and he was looking over the shoulder of the man who interrupted his path to me.

His stare haunted me for the rest of my day…

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