Behind All Things Sexy!

There is so much that makes us who we are; genetics, our upbringing, relationships, spiritual beliefs and social environment to name a few. Life experience ultimately creates who we become. Who am I? I am just starting to find out and invite you to join me as I unravel my layers exposing my true authentic self.

I am exploring my passion with words that when strung together provoke thought. Being a true romantic I am drawn to love and intimacy. I adore the male energy. One who can express himself leaves me craving more. I will explore the sensual side of my sexuality and share with you my deep inner thoughts through my written word. Here you will get a peek into, and explore the sexy mind of a true romantic who loves All Things Sexy!

Here is a closer look at how I spend my time:

Tara Cronica is about exploring the never ending desires that fuel all life while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings ~ Girlfriends, Inspiration, Silver Treasures.

Silpada Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs ~ Lets face it Silver is Sexy! Receiving something Silver is Romantic. I can help you make them smile….I am a Silpada Sterling Silver Independent Representative. As an independent Silpada Designs Representative, I offer fine Sterling Silver jewelry through personal Online Shopping, Home Parties and Book Parties! Check out my Silpada home page by clicking on the link above!

Life History Media Ltd ~ Telling the Story of Your Life. Where we bring you the future of family photo albums!

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