Musicians are Sexy…

There is something overwhelmingly sexy about a man who can create music. “Music is how feeling sound”...(one of my favourite quotes) Woman are drawn to men who can express feeling, whether it be through the simplicity of words strung together, or a melody that pulls at our heart strings. When a man learns to read the music of a womens heart he captures her.

“Music is the art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and colour.” A man who can create feelings with his unique interpretation of those elements has a powerful presence. Is it the man that seduces us or do we open ourselves to the poetic features of music and allow the man to enter because he holds a key? Music is a form of expression more unique than language, it adds the element of vibrationally energy that although we can’t all create, we have an insatiable desire to hear and feel it.

Music allows us to open our minds, to a level of consciousness far beyond what we are used to. When we open our mind, body and spirit to it, our soul dances. When we open our mind body and spirit to the one who creates the music we dance together.

The mind of a musician is on a frequency that’s invisible to some. When a single note is released it affects us like a scent traveling through the atmosphere until it become a mere whisper. It touches each of us in a unique way, taking us to places we’ve been before and those we have yet to explore. Allow yourself the pleasure of getting lost in the music, or the musician who is creating it. Make a Memory ~

Musicians captivate crowds with their art form that allows the listener to join with them on their intimate journey of interpretation. They surrender to the music as they perform. We connect with then as we allow our feeling to surface as we listen. The vibrational rhythm is not only heard, it’s felt by every cell of our body transcending us to a place that feels like no other.

It’s one thing in life I wouldn’t want to live without.

Music is the prelude to everything…

Brief Encounters are Sexy…

I caught him looking at me through the crowded room. I looked away quickly and then glanced over again to see if it was coincidence, he was looking once more. He never usually stared, he was always serious and never smiled back in the past. Why today? What was different? I had given up on smiling at him so I kept my composure. I stared back with no expression, he didn’t look away. Did he see me or was he looking through me, it was hard to tell. I tried not to look away but he was much stronger than I in that moment. I felt disoriented, a rush of adrenaline surged through my veins as I tried to focus on the Batistas question. The only word I was able to form was coffee. She sensed my thoughts were scattered. I turned around to find his gaze aimed directly at me…again. Was the Universe playing games with me? Was it catching up on work undone? Was timing finally in sync?

He was solid and secure. His strength came through his eyes. I stood staring not able to move. His body rose slowly and made its way toward mine. His stare captured mine and wouldn’t let go. As he approached his eyes said he had something to say. He had me. As he was about to speak his eyes softened and mouth relaxed, he was sure that this was the right moment. His pheromones had come to close for me to say no to whatever he was about to ask. I would have handed him everything I was able in that moment.

His words were on the tip of his tongue when a hand was placed on his shoulder making him look away. It only took a split second to adjust what was about to become. I turned having instant doubt he was about share his words with me. I continuing in a daze of what might have just transpired if he was given just one more moment. Perhaps we were not meant to speak today? I looked in the window as I walked by and he was looking over the shoulder of the man who interrupted his path to me.

His stare haunted me for the rest of my day…

Facial Hair is Sexy…

There is no better place to find yourself than the world our distracted minds naturally send us. Deep inside the imagination of a sexy mind lies the vivid dreams and fantasies of what a single thought can do. This time the thought that scaled the walls of my subconscious was that of pheromone filled facial hair.

The male energy who adorns a ribbon across his lip is sexy to me. He is growing it to make a statement. He is committed to his health. He is willing to take a stand, go the distance, be uncomfortable and show the world he wants to be here. He is strong and masculine. Male energy with a purpose greater than himself, mens health…Movember.

Facial hair is soft, rugged, manly. It has natural pheromones that pull us in. It can be abrasive if rubbed the wrong way but soft and gentle if stroked in the right direction. It shouts testosterone. It’s a choice, unique to the one who wears it.  It’s a right of passage.

And it goes like this…

My eyes were closed, lost in my subconscious thought. I had goose bumps rising like waves on the surface of my skin from head to toe in anticipation of what was to come. The world went silent around me as I felt his very first touch. His lips did not arrive first to my skin. The soft warm tickle from his moustache came first. He paused, searching it seemed for the perfect place to kiss. His facial hair brushed my skin gently as he continued exploring the map of my body. He aroused every hair follicle that felt him coming. His breathe warmed the surface of my skin as he continued until he found his favourite spot.

Enjoy Movember Ladies it’s almost over ~

Magnetic Energy is SeXy…

He frustrated me like never before. He had always run away. It’s how he survives. He refused to acknowledge this fear. He was irrefutably wrong. He viewed the world around him with a skewed perception of reality.

A battle was about to begin igniting a fire that had been smouldering for some time. I was ready to strike the match and toss it at his feet. It was all or nothing. The atmosphere was torrid…

We couldn’t touch if we wanted to, we were like magnets standing side by side. His male energy repelled mine. We were no longer Yin and Yang. His words were sharp and pointed aimed straight at my heart. He was trying to throw me off-balance. I wasn’t going down easy. There was a fire in his eyes I’d never seen before. He was boiling over with passion. He had come ready to spar with one of the best. It took years to prepare armour for battles such as this. I was ready to stand up and face my fears, willing to lose it all.

Our words cut like duelling swords, each one razor sharp…and then the magnet flipped. I caught him looking deeply at my mouth while I spoke. For a split second he was vulnerable. The fire in his eyes morphed from battle to surrender. His eyes anticipated every word that slipped slowly off my tongue past my lips. His ears heard nothing. It was that split second that changed everything. I knew he loved me more intensely than ever before. I had him in that moment. He let his subconscious thoughts slip through the door and I grabbed them tight with both hands. I was about to embark on an adventure I had only dreamt of.

I reached forward to seize the moment, impaling him with every ounce of passion I had left. I grabbed his jaw with both hands and seduced him with my entire being. Undeniable desire exploded like gasoline thrown on a flame. If we could survive this, we could survive anything together.

Our bodies entangled one another with no conscious thoughts. Pure raw in the moment chemistry that had been hidden deep below the surface for far too long. There was nothing subtle about us from that moment on.

Magnetic energy is SExy!

Scent is SeXy….

It seemed like forever since I saw him last. His hand gently touched my arm when he leaned in for a soft kiss on the side of my mouth. I took a breath s~l~o~w~l~y as our bodies came together inhaling his presence. His masculine scent was deliciously powerful. I may have even closed my eyes for a split second to ignore all my other senses.

We engaged in subtle glances. Our eyes caught stalling for brief moments to penetrate the invisible wall of uncertainty. Even the slightest touch of his body felt exaggerated and deliberate. I inhaled him with each draw in of breath, sending me back to an intimate moment from our past. It was hard to stay focused on the conversation with his scent swirling around me. I couldn’t resist the sensual recall each time he leaned in close. I was utterly distracted and teased by his pheromones dancing so clearly in front of me. I fought the temptation to lean in and kiss him without warning. The attraction was undeniable.

Invisible to the naked eye his scent continued to surge, taking me in and out of moments shared in our past. Like music his scent took me places I had been before and allowed my mind to wander regions I had yet to explore.

I found myself in a world of my own where his neck was close enough for my lips to touch. I wondered if anyone else at the table could feel what his scent was doing to me. The irresistible sexy scent of this man had captured me…again.

The natural scent of a man is SExy…

Culo is SeXy!

Culo by Mazzucco is SExy! Raphael Mazzucco is a fashion photographer who is not only SExy himself but has a job that is the envy of every male energy who watches this video I’m sure! ‘Culo’ which means ass in Spanish is a tome dedicated to just that, the gorgeous female derriere! The female buttock whether large or small, flat or round should be embraced! These women exude sex appeal. Having Raphael’s eyes behind the camera lens probably doesn’t hurt!

The soundtrack is by a never-before-heard Timbaland track called “Pass At Me”~ Awesome! Culo by Mazzcco, a book that oozes SExiness!

I don’t think any woman could resist getting naked for Raphael Mazzucco…even if he brought his camera!


Have you ever engaged in a sex-text volley? It’s basically phone sex without the voice. I am not a fan of texting for the purpose of a long conversation but to send an enticing message to the man of your desire…well that’s completely different. I’d prefer to hear the sexy male voice. I take that back. I’d prefer to see the sexy man behind the sexy voice but this post isn’t about sex, it’s about sext. Cyber-sex.

I think most male and female energy have played a role in sexting to some degree. If you haven’t proceed with caution! It can quickly get out of control just as some in-person sexual encounters can. It is about sex and when sex is involved whether in person or otherwise we have a tendency to lose ourselves in the moment. It’s easy to say too much through text let alone sext because we get brave without the person standing in front of us. A false sense of security.

There are a few basic rules you should follow; trust the person you’re sexting, don’t send any photo’s you’re not willing to have posted all over the internet and make sure the recipient is the person intended to read your words! We’ve all experienced the rush of sending a message to the wrong person. Keep your face out of it no matter hard it is to resist sending your smile along with what you are thinking or doing! Sexting is a form of flirting taken one step further. You can’t take back the words or photos once you press send.

If it’s done with a trusted partner it can still give the thrill of a taboo encounter without the feeling of guilt or regret. Trust your instinct and avoid crossing any lines. If you feel like you’ve been electrocuted after sending or receiving one from someone you don’t know very well, its safe to say some lines have been crossed and I suggest you walk away before it’s too late.

It can be one of the most stimulating foreplay there is if done with your trusted partner. When a message come across the screen of your phone that’s attached to a personalized chime it can stimulate the senses instantly. The simply sound of a glass being tapped can send your loins into a knot with anticipation of what’s going to be said in 20 words or less. Condensed sex. You’ve got to keep it simple, straight to the point, short and sweet. Depending on the message it can be completely distracting. Focus? What focus? I don’t suggest you get into it during an important meeting where you need to pay attention…you may leave not knowing what just happened in the room. You will however feel completely alive!

Take a moment out of your day to sext your partner, it will change everything! Stimulating your partners thoughts throughout the day can lead to a very sexy evening.

Don’t knock it until you try it…


The lead up to an embrace can be overwhelming. It can be one of the most intimate forms of touch we experience with another human being. It’s whats behind the embrace that changes how it feels. The lead up of what you make it is what it becomes. When you embrace someone of the opposite sex for the very first time it can be exhilarating.

Anticipation builds. Thoughts provoked. A few simple words spark something deep inside. Hearts race. Uncharted territory. Feelings deep below the surface waiting to be scratched. A sensation unlike any other. No focus. Lost control of the ability to function.

Days turned into hours. Counting down with only minutes left. Almost a reality. Hearts beat faster. Energy releases. Senses on fire. Mind swirling with unfinished thoughts. Time stands still. Eye contact. Smiles. Staring unable to move. Connection made. Drawn closer. Touch. E-m-b-r-a-c-e. Hold. Perfect fit. Strength. Tight squeeze. Can’t release. Enveloped by the energy. Bound by free flowing electricity. No intention of breaking away from such a connection.

An embrace could be waiting suspended in time…for the moment to ignite a smouldering flame…

Anticipation is SeXy…

An-tic-i-pa-tion…say it slowly again with the lustful thought of wanting to touch your partner but not being able to at this moment in time…an-tic-i-pa-tion. The word has such flavour it’s hard to say without the feeling of edible desire. The an-tic-i-pa-tion of touch can be so electric your body jitters gently and sends shivers down your spine.

The deep aching thought of what you’re anticipating sends a shutter like no other. Every little hair on the surface of your skin comes alive standing on end waiting to be touched. Anticipation naturally builds nervous sexual energy when chemistry is present. When your focus is on whom you desire anticipation can send you into a frenzy of what might be in those first few moments standing in front of one another.

Meeting in person for the first time…an-tic-i-at-tion. The first embrace with your entire body from head to toe…an-tic-i-pa-tion. Kissing for the first time…an-tic-i-pa-tion. Reuniting with one another after an unwanted absence…an-tic-i-pa-tion. The first intimate moment…an-tic-i-pa-tion. 

If you take the time to let your mind wander in lust or love about the object-of-your-desire anticipation will naturally build, making any moment with the opposite sex that much more exciting.

An-tic-i-pa-tion is making you wait…embrace it. Say it slowly one more time and taste it as it rolls off your tongue into the atmosphere.

Anticipation is SeXy…

Intimacy ~

Intimacy…the ultimate sexy! Being drawn to someone without control is a feeling that many of us only experience once in a lifetime. It’s a magical force between two who connect on a much deeper level. It’s not just about sexual chemistry, although that too can be very intimate. Pure intimate feelings come from a much deeper place. A touch of the hand while staring into the eyes of someone who sees right inside your soul is intimate. A feeling of belonging together formed from a bond of experiencing the other.

There are two types of intimacy; physical and emotional. Love is intertwined in both. There are also two types of love within intimacy; compassionate and passionate. Compassionate love involves diminished feeling of attachment to the other. It is authentic, committed with profound feelings of caring for the other. Passionate love is identified by infatuation, intense feelings of sexual longing, throes of ecstasy and feelings of exhilaration that fill the room when you are together. To have a combination of both physical and emotional intimacy with passionate love is what most of us are ultimately seeking.

It’s a look across a room filled with people to that one person who turns you inside out and back again. A gaze that is only meant for you. A moment suspended in time. They know exactly what you’re thinking. It’s the magic of an intimate connection.

When we open our heart and expose ourselves making it known we are vulnerable to the other we experience the most profound intimate moments. It can’t be controlled, even if you try. You can walk away physically but your mind won’t allow you to leave the room they’re in. It can be a scary step if you’re not ready to open yourself to its entirety. A risk that many will not allow their heart to explore.

When you fall intimately for another human being they live inside your mind. They change the physiology of your body. They stir your soul. You become enveloped by their energy. They surround you no matter how far their physical form is from yours. They stand next to you inhaling your presence. It’s a powerful sensation that can overwhelm the ordinary.

Intimacy is considered the product of a successful seduction…so sexy!

Dishevelled is SeXy…

Have you ever been somewhere and caught a glimpse of a man or woman who look dishevelled, not quite put together. You instinctively tune into their release of pheromones without even knowing it. Every sense in your body becomes alive with wonder. With every ounce of your being you know they just got some. If you’ve ever been interrupted right in the middle of a blind passionate rendezvous you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s no time or brain focus to do buttons up properly let alone zip up pants or get your skirt on right!

There are so many subtle hints that someone was enjoying themselves far more than the rest of us…

A glazed over look in their eyes…you know they are playing the last few moments over and over again in their mind. Smudged lipstick on a man’s face or collar. A woman’s dewy flush cheeks from her heart rate spiking so rapidly! Whisker burns around a woman’s freshly kissed mouth from a man who just couldn’t get enough of her erogenous lips! Tousled hair that SCREAMS passion. Shirt tucked in half way because he forgot what he was doing. The unzipped fly you can’t look away from no matter how hard you try. Buttons done up askew. Skirt tucked into panties put on inside out.

The adrenaline rush is obvious with the guilty look of pleasure. Moments before they reached the point of no return and are desperately trying to get back but reality won’t allow it. That brief moment in time is gone only to be relived in their minds…over and over again until they meet again.

We all recognize the look especially if we’ve been there ourselves. Envy is what onlookers are thinking. Being dishevelled because you lost your mind when your partners desire for you out weighted the risk of getting caught…is sexy!

Hey SeXy…Speak to Me ~

A man’s voice can be sooooo sexy it can send a woman into ecstasy even if heard over the telephone line. The flavour of a mans voice with the right blend of words can make any woman stop in their tracks. Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with a complete stranger and been compelled to keep them talking just to keep hearing their sexy voice? Some men come by that low seductive morning voice naturally…how sexy is that!

I know a man whose voice is incredibly sultry. If he recited a grocery list I would be compelled to listen intently to the lyrics that flowed from his delicious mouth to my ears. A sexy voice is part of the male energy that can make a woman shiver. A sexy drawl can be distracting having the same effect as slow sensual music.

Sean Connery & Clive Owen were born with two of the sexiest voices out there according to the internet. They each have that sexy edge in their accent that make women turn inside out. They are both also blessed with rugged good looks that make women swoon. In all honesty you wouldn’t have to lay your eyes on either to be mesmerized by what they profess. Robbie Robertson, Rob Thomas and Jon Bon Jovi are a few musician endowed with a low raspy sandpaper sound that can make our minds wander. A voice can captivate our entire being with its tone.

A truly masculine male voice can change the state of a woman’s mind and body, leaving them spellbound incapable of forming a thought worth saying out loud. Next time you’re in the presence of your man, close your eyes and listen to how his voice can move you…possibly into another room!

Hey sexy…speak to me.

Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are better than sexy…they’re titillating! We all have those secret spots we hope our lover finds while exploring our naked flesh! Some are placed strategically on our human canvas others are unique to each of us. If your curious as to where these zones are on your lover have them stand naked and gently touch every inch of their skin and you will be sure to find every single one! An erogenous zone treasure hunt! My only advice…take your time!

Heightened sensitivity is the key to identifying zones of pleasure! When you are tuned into your partners body the language is clear; shutters, shivers, a short quick breath and audible delight are a sign you’ve found the treasure you’re seeking. When stimulated the result is the production of erotic sensations or sexual excitement. It’s as mentally stimulating as it is physically if you are immersed in the moment. Rousing the physiology of the human body is tantalizing awakening senses that have laid dormant in our physical form. Once our body reacts to the touch of our lover our mind takes over controlling our sexual arousal.

If you want to drive your partner absolutely crazy sending them into a frenzy of pleasure navigate their flesh and explore in detail their erogenous map.

The obvious erogenous zones are not always the most stimulating it purely depend on your partner. Breasts for some woman can lead to such pleasure there is no need to continue any further. The inner thigh, behind the knees, buttocks and nape of the neck are a few areas to start. Just breathing on these parts of the body can give your partner goose bumps all over. Imagine the reaction when you finally touch that delicate spot for the first time before you go any further.

The number one female erogenous zone…lips. Keep this in mind the next time you reach in for a passionate kiss, so basic, so simple, such pleasure!

Electricity In The Air…

What are the elements that make a conversation, argument or debate with the opposite sex so electric? Difference of opinion?Challenging words? Fire vs Air sign? The beginning of love? Or simply sexually charged magnetism. What makes dialog get so damn hot between male and female energy? If you’ve experienced it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You can actually feel the energy starting to build. It’s not just be the words themselves or the delivery it’s the feelings behind them that come from a much deeper place, the heart and mind. Those words along with chemistry, emotional vulnerability and sexual energy between two creates a charge that lights them on fire! A potential explosive combination!

When a woman is challenged by a man, and starts to fall, sparks start to fly! It might be as simple as a conversation that starts the current flowing. The faster the flow, the harder it is to back away! We get drawn in testing our boundaries pushing them to their limits stretching them further than we’re used to…and then it happens…electrical arc!

Some of us are drawn closer to the current by nature, the static is what we seek. There is always risks involved when dealing with a charge of this nature. We still can’t resist walking closer…sometimes a little too close for comfort! It makes us feel alive on the edge of discovery. The instant our emotions grab hold it’s impossible to let go unless thrust back by the force of our own fear.

When electricity and chemistry join forces with the heart it leads to electric conversations, stimulating debates, challenges that make us reach beyond our limits and conflict that drives us wild. All of these elements can be the making of a passionate breath-taking love affair, and who in their right mind wouldn’t want that!

Challenge Me!

Challenging men are SExy! What makes certain men feel the need to challenge the words or actions of a woman they find attractive. It would be so much easier to just go with the flow and agree, let us have our way! Give us what we want and life would be so simple…wouldn’t it?

Thankfully there are men out there who beg to differ, for those men it goes against every cell in their body to let anything slide for the sake of an easy ride. These men feel the need to peel away our layers exposing our inner most intimate thoughts leaving us feeling naked and vulnerable.

When I was younger I was always attracted to the energy in the crowd who paid no attention to me…youthful challenge. It was the chase that was the exciting part back then. As I’ve aged and matured the challenge is still stimulating but it’s definitely no longer about the chase. Its whether or not I am challenged intellectually that keeps me wanting more.

Every now and then we meet our match. These male energies make us think about what comes gushing out of our mouths. They question who we are, how our brain works and why we believe in certain things. These men are put on earth to make us grow and unfold evolving within our own existence! They are not your regular male energy, they stand alone and are willing to put their all on the table if asked. There is nothing better than a man who has the confidence to challenge a women who intrigues him. They are the risk takers, the seekers. They want more from us than we are usually willing to give.

A man who can make you re-evaluate your doings or simply your words, is beyond SExy. Intellect is SExy but challenging ones intellect is even sexier!