Feminine Goddess of Love

We sat face to face in a crowded room sipping warm sweet lattes with only a small distressed harvest table keeping us apart. Glances were tossed through the room hitting us both with questions. I stepped out of my comfort zone to take a peak into a world I had not traveled. I had met my conversational match and felt a surge of adrenaline go through my veins as we spoke. My mind kept wandering further, deeper to a place not everyone will admit they go.

I felt my thighs tighten as I sit perched on the edge of my wooden chair. I was not as comfortable with my sexuality as I once was, I knew why. I leaned forward in conversation to get even just a sliver closer to my muse. I was distracted by the thought of what the scent hidden deep beneath the high collar would taste like if I inhale deep enough. I was too far away to be indulged. I needed a taste of the pheromones that lingered just barely out of reach. They tempted each cell in my body to move closer as if to say come hither. I felt intoxicated by the random thoughts that mesmerized my subconscious. I was hypnotized by the lips that spoke the truth. Visually stimulated, emotionally compatible, physically yearning, intellectually connected were fragments of thought sending a sensation that ran in waves over me.

I flashed forward to the moment I would finally inhale the scent my nose anticipated. My lips brushed closely along the map of intrigue while curiosity lead me willingly down a path I had not walked before. I abruptly snapped back from my fantasy to reality several times over, enjoying both immensely.

I was stimulated by the words floated off the tongue that intrigued me. Distracted by the look in the eyes that saw through me. I questioned myself as I was being subtly analyzed ever so gently. Innuendoes were dropped like bombs as I sat completely unprepared. I wasn’t sure how to pick up the pieces to put this puzzle together. I was completely out of my element for now.

And then it happened…Leaning closer as if in slow motion a stream of pink feminine mist slowly drifted from her mouth to mine giving me no choice but to inhale just at the right moment. The female energy within this goddess had captured me sending me to a intimate place only the brave dare to go.

I had be captivated by a feminine goddess of love…

Challenge Me!

Challenging men are SExy! What makes certain men feel the need to challenge the words or actions of a woman they find attractive. It would be so much easier to just go with the flow and agree, let us have our way! Give us what we want and life would be so simple…wouldn’t it?

Thankfully there are men out there who beg to differ, for those men it goes against every cell in their body to let anything slide for the sake of an easy ride. These men feel the need to peel away our layers exposing our inner most intimate thoughts leaving us feeling naked and vulnerable.

When I was younger I was always attracted to the energy in the crowd who paid no attention to me…youthful challenge. It was the chase that was the exciting part back then. As I’ve aged and matured the challenge is still stimulating but it’s definitely no longer about the chase. Its whether or not I am challenged intellectually that keeps me wanting more.

Every now and then we meet our match. These male energies make us think about what comes gushing out of our mouths. They question who we are, how our brain works and why we believe in certain things. These men are put on earth to make us grow and unfold evolving within our own existence! They are not your regular male energy, they stand alone and are willing to put their all on the table if asked. There is nothing better than a man who has the confidence to challenge a women who intrigues him. They are the risk takers, the seekers. They want more from us than we are usually willing to give.

A man who can make you re-evaluate your doings or simply your words, is beyond SExy. Intellect is SExy but challenging ones intellect is even sexier!

Male Sexy Bits ~

The male physique is naturally sexy. As women we are drawn to it for obvious reasons but we are not all drawn to the same parts. The back of a man’s neck can send some women into a tail spin just standing behind him in a line up. There’s his sexy hard-working hands that you visualize holding your face when he kisses you. The forearms that ripple when he twists his wrist reaching for the door. There are the more obvious parts such as the buttock and chest but for me it’s the parts that we don’t always focus on that I find have more sex appeal. The jaw line that leads us to his lips, collar-bone that takes us to his chest, lower back that draws us to his buttocks, all the parts lead us there. Every part of the male physique is attractive to one women or another that’s what makes our connection so unique. A man doesn’t have to be buff to be sexy, sexy comes from within. It’s a natural aura all men have some are just more aware of it than others.

With cloths off the male energy sparks an instant attraction to most women. With cloths on we have to use our imagination. I want to use my imagination and drag it out as long as humanly possible before seeing what’s under that shirt. It builds intrigue and desire. If you see it all right away then you’ve lost a very intoxicating moment of unwrapping and exploring the gift of the male body!

There is no ‘type’ in particular that I am more attracted to. A natural build is more appealing to me but again it’s all about the male energy that wins in the end each time. What I am most attracted to in a man other than the look in his eyes is one who can be himself no matter where he goes or who he’s with. Being you… is Sexy.