TracyHe pulled me in without a promise. He pushed me back in fear. His body moved like a panther stalking. He circled slowly not taking his eyes off me. Intensely engaged his stare glazed over as he tasted my body with his eyes. His insatiable desire to have me overpowered his ability to fight the temptation that stood behind closed doors at last. He was about to devour the prey he’d been hunting for far too long. He was about to take what he believed belonged to him.

As he savoured the visual moment his thoughts balanced on the edge, about to spin out of control. T-e-m-p-t-a-t-i-o-n had entered the room and would not leave without a fight. His mouth watered at the thought of what my skin would taste like. He swallowed the saliva that pooled behind his lips, knowing he could not turn back once his mouth touched mine. His eyes gently closed as he inhaled my scent slowly and deeply.

oscar-wilde-on-temptation-440x314I felt his eyes heating up the curve of my lower back as he paused before taking another step. I bit my lip gently as I turned my head catching him off guard with a look that penetrated his wall, exposing his soul. I whispered…check~mate. We were like magnets attracting and repelling each others every move. He caught my glance and held it tight. I felt the shift in his breathing ever so slightly as he narrowed the distance between us. I could feel the base of his heart beating like a wave of energy going right through me. His energy was like music to my soul. We were entangled in a dance neither of us were familiar with.

I closed my eyes to sharpen my intuition and escape into the abyss with him. His energy moved me as he came even closer. He vibrated my skin and scrambled my thoughts. Every hair on my body stood erect waiting, wondering if he was brave enough to dance as one. His breath on the back of my neck sent shivers down my spine. I could barely contain myself. Temptation was standing closer than it had ever been before. Whispering in my ear to succumb to its pleasure. We were both no longer able to walk away. Our minds were reading the thoughts of the other, our bodies ached for one another and our spirits were a breath away from coming completely undone.

He teased and tantalized my energy with the look in his eyes as he opened his mouth, moistened his lips and inhaled my being in one breath. There would never be a moment as pure as this between us again.

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it” ~ Oscar Wilde 

Tracy signiture

Spontaneous Reaction…

He was standing reading the local newspaper when I walked through the door. The sun had gently kissed him. I paused to watch him from a distance to re-acquaint myself. His eyes softened as I walked near, melting me. His arms wrapped around my shoulders enveloping me in his energy. He was full of life. We spared back and forth with words watching one another carefully. He was hard to read.

We meandered through stories of his adventure and my doings while he was away, now and then holding a stare that made our skin flush. There was a slight edge to how he looked at me. I wanted him to grab my face and kiss me with the passion I knew he had inside. I had seen that look in his eyes before and knew exactly where it could lead.

We sat staring within arms reach of one another, not touching with anything but our eyes and imagination. I wonder if we should have shared as much as we did. He was hard to navigate, I felt slightly off-balance. A twinge of uncertainty washed over me when he relived an erotic adventure he had with another woman. I felt envious hearing him talk of her. It was not a familiar feeling for me. He knew and looked at me with regret. I was unable to hide what I was feeling inside, he caught me off guard.

My only escape was to walk away avoiding eye contact. I headed toward the lady’s room not aware he was barely a step behind me. I sensed his energy but was too afraid to turn around. I stepped slowly into the dark private room trying to collect myself. I stood with shivers running up and down my spine. He gently closed the door behind us. I couldn’t turn around, my eyes stayed shut as my heart beat faster. I felt him take a step closer. He reached out and gently moved my hair to one side exposing my neck to his lips. His breath was warm and controlled. There were no words exchanged between us.

I surrendered as he turned my body gently to face his. His hands held my jaw firmly as the passion quickly escalated between us.

Spontaneous reaction…


He looked deep into my eyes wiping the smile right off my face…time stood still. He reached past my jaw to move my hair gently to the side exposing my neck. I closed my eyes inhaling his scent that lingered in the air from his hand that gently brushed past my cheek. My head tilted naturally to one side opening myself to his touch. He paused, taking his time knowing his seduction had only just begun. Our chemistry mixed as his mouth came slowly toward my neck. A shiver started at my lower back following my spine to meet his lips as he touched the fine hairs that stood erect waiting to be caressed. He paused ever so slightly before touching my skin, sending another shock wave down my back. My body belonged to him at that very moment.

I kept my eyes gently shut, enhancing all of my other senses. I was intoxicated by his scent, exhilarated by the unknown, mesmerized by his ability to keep me in such a trance. I felt drugged unable to move. We were communicating without words. My body reacting to the sensual energy that enveloped both of us. He was in control, I was not. My back naturally arched as the skin on his cheek touched mine. He placed his mouth dangerously close tempting me to reach for his lips with mine. I didn’t dare open my eyes. I wanted to savour the moment before his lips would touch mine.

I could hear his breath, feel his heart beating faster in anticipation of our first real kiss. The warmth of his mouth traveled quickly to my lips and then disappeared making me open my eyes. He had pulled back for a brief moment to take one last look at the expression on my face…complete surrender. Sexual energy filled the air between us as we locked eyes completely open and vulnerable to one another. Raw emotion washed over us as we lost ourselves in each other. I captured a photograph in my mind of the intense look he shared with me, to be recalled whenever I wanted the moment to return.


Magnetic Energy is SeXy…

He frustrated me like never before. He had always run away. It’s how he survives. He refused to acknowledge this fear. He was irrefutably wrong. He viewed the world around him with a skewed perception of reality.

A battle was about to begin igniting a fire that had been smouldering for some time. I was ready to strike the match and toss it at his feet. It was all or nothing. The atmosphere was torrid…

We couldn’t touch if we wanted to, we were like magnets standing side by side. His male energy repelled mine. We were no longer Yin and Yang. His words were sharp and pointed aimed straight at my heart. He was trying to throw me off-balance. I wasn’t going down easy. There was a fire in his eyes I’d never seen before. He was boiling over with passion. He had come ready to spar with one of the best. It took years to prepare armour for battles such as this. I was ready to stand up and face my fears, willing to lose it all.

Our words cut like duelling swords, each one razor sharp…and then the magnet flipped. I caught him looking deeply at my mouth while I spoke. For a split second he was vulnerable. The fire in his eyes morphed from battle to surrender. His eyes anticipated every word that slipped slowly off my tongue past my lips. His ears heard nothing. It was that split second that changed everything. I knew he loved me more intensely than ever before. I had him in that moment. He let his subconscious thoughts slip through the door and I grabbed them tight with both hands. I was about to embark on an adventure I had only dreamt of.

I reached forward to seize the moment, impaling him with every ounce of passion I had left. I grabbed his jaw with both hands and seduced him with my entire being. Undeniable desire exploded like gasoline thrown on a flame. If we could survive this, we could survive anything together.

Our bodies entangled one another with no conscious thoughts. Pure raw in the moment chemistry that had been hidden deep below the surface for far too long. There was nothing subtle about us from that moment on.

Magnetic energy is SExy!

Hey SeXy…Speak to Me ~

A man’s voice can be sooooo sexy it can send a woman into ecstasy even if heard over the telephone line. The flavour of a mans voice with the right blend of words can make any woman stop in their tracks. Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with a complete stranger and been compelled to keep them talking just to keep hearing their sexy voice? Some men come by that low seductive morning voice naturally…how sexy is that!

I know a man whose voice is incredibly sultry. If he recited a grocery list I would be compelled to listen intently to the lyrics that flowed from his delicious mouth to my ears. A sexy voice is part of the male energy that can make a woman shiver. A sexy drawl can be distracting having the same effect as slow sensual music.

Sean Connery & Clive Owen were born with two of the sexiest voices out there according to the internet. They each have that sexy edge in their accent that make women turn inside out. They are both also blessed with rugged good looks that make women swoon. In all honesty you wouldn’t have to lay your eyes on either to be mesmerized by what they profess. Robbie Robertson, Rob Thomas and Jon Bon Jovi are a few musician endowed with a low raspy sandpaper sound that can make our minds wander. A voice can captivate our entire being with its tone.

A truly masculine male voice can change the state of a woman’s mind and body, leaving them spellbound incapable of forming a thought worth saying out loud. Next time you’re in the presence of your man, close your eyes and listen to how his voice can move you…possibly into another room!

Hey sexy…speak to me.

Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are better than sexy…they’re titillating! We all have those secret spots we hope our lover finds while exploring our naked flesh! Some are placed strategically on our human canvas others are unique to each of us. If your curious as to where these zones are on your lover have them stand naked and gently touch every inch of their skin and you will be sure to find every single one! An erogenous zone treasure hunt! My only advice…take your time!

Heightened sensitivity is the key to identifying zones of pleasure! When you are tuned into your partners body the language is clear; shutters, shivers, a short quick breath and audible delight are a sign you’ve found the treasure you’re seeking. When stimulated the result is the production of erotic sensations or sexual excitement. It’s as mentally stimulating as it is physically if you are immersed in the moment. Rousing the physiology of the human body is tantalizing awakening senses that have laid dormant in our physical form. Once our body reacts to the touch of our lover our mind takes over controlling our sexual arousal.

If you want to drive your partner absolutely crazy sending them into a frenzy of pleasure navigate their flesh and explore in detail their erogenous map.

The obvious erogenous zones are not always the most stimulating it purely depend on your partner. Breasts for some woman can lead to such pleasure there is no need to continue any further. The inner thigh, behind the knees, buttocks and nape of the neck are a few areas to start. Just breathing on these parts of the body can give your partner goose bumps all over. Imagine the reaction when you finally touch that delicate spot for the first time before you go any further.

The number one female erogenous zone…lips. Keep this in mind the next time you reach in for a passionate kiss, so basic, so simple, such pleasure!


Affection in public between couples who are sexually attracted to one another is rarely seen anymore. No one even holds hands! I think flirting in public is a total turn on. It’s not only ‘safe’ because you are in public but being viewed as taboo heightens the experience even more. It forces each person to be more creative with what they say and do. Standing pressed up against each other in a crowd without reacting naturally can be a challenge for any sexual being. Public display of affection can be the most sensual foreplay, if done tastefully.

Eye contact, a warm whisper in your partners ear, subtle innuendoes such as undressing him with your eyes while in mid sentence can change the direction of any conversation. I call it a sexual interlude or sex pause. When two people have obvious chemistry it doesn’t take much to heat up a room. You have to know those in close proximity can feel the energy building…but they shouldn’t be make to feel like a voyeur or you’ve gone too far…”get a room!”

Kissing is the most intimate form of affection between two people which can be painfully hard to resist when the moment strikes. Stealing a passionate kiss from a man who you find irresistible is a moment remembered for eternity. These moments need to be embraced for if lost and not acted upon they may never be placed in front of us again.

When a man embraces a women’s jaw with both hands and slowly moves towards her lips with his everyone watching in the moment lives it as if it’s theirs. I love public display of affection when it makes you feel like you caught a moment suspended in time…it’s a gift not easily forgotten.

Kiss me…no don’t!

The nervous energy felt magnetic. We stood with little distance between us. Neither of us looked away. Trying to read his eyes and body language was stimulating. I felt drawn to his mouth, it was so incredibly sexy. He knew exactly what to do to keep me just slightly off balance. Our chemistry kept building slowly, at any moment it could have spun out of control.

My subconscious kept whispering ‘kiss me…no don’t.’ I savoured what I thought was the moment before our lips would touched for the very first time. His were so close I could feel his breath. I felt hypnotized. I was in the moment at last quenching my thirst with the intoxicating chemistry that filled the room. Each subtle touch was magnified. I had surrender, he didn’t know it. I was being lead down the path of no resistance. Kiss me…no don’t, he read my mind.

Male Sexy Bits ~

The male physique is naturally sexy. As women we are drawn to it for obvious reasons but we are not all drawn to the same parts. The back of a man’s neck can send some women into a tail spin just standing behind him in a line up. There’s his sexy hard-working hands that you visualize holding your face when he kisses you. The forearms that ripple when he twists his wrist reaching for the door. There are the more obvious parts such as the buttock and chest but for me it’s the parts that we don’t always focus on that I find have more sex appeal. The jaw line that leads us to his lips, collar-bone that takes us to his chest, lower back that draws us to his buttocks, all the parts lead us there. Every part of the male physique is attractive to one women or another that’s what makes our connection so unique. A man doesn’t have to be buff to be sexy, sexy comes from within. It’s a natural aura all men have some are just more aware of it than others.

With cloths off the male energy sparks an instant attraction to most women. With cloths on we have to use our imagination. I want to use my imagination and drag it out as long as humanly possible before seeing what’s under that shirt. It builds intrigue and desire. If you see it all right away then you’ve lost a very intoxicating moment of unwrapping and exploring the gift of the male body!

There is no ‘type’ in particular that I am more attracted to. A natural build is more appealing to me but again it’s all about the male energy that wins in the end each time. What I am most attracted to in a man other than the look in his eyes is one who can be himself no matter where he goes or who he’s with. Being you… is Sexy.