Hey SeXy…Speak to Me ~

A man’s voice can be sooooo sexy it can send a woman into ecstasy even if heard over the telephone line. The flavour of a mans voice with the right blend of words can make any woman stop in their tracks. Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with a complete stranger and been compelled to keep them talking just to keep hearing their sexy voice? Some men come by that low seductive morning voice naturally…how sexy is that!

I know a man whose voice is incredibly sultry. If he recited a grocery list I would be compelled to listen intently to the lyrics that flowed from his delicious mouth to my ears. A sexy voice is part of the male energy that can make a woman shiver. A sexy drawl can be distracting having the same effect as slow sensual music.

Sean Connery & Clive Owen were born with two of the sexiest voices out there according to the internet. They each have that sexy edge in their accent that make women turn inside out. They are both also blessed with rugged good looks that make women swoon. In all honesty you wouldn’t have to lay your eyes on either to be mesmerized by what they profess. Robbie Robertson, Rob Thomas and Jon Bon Jovi are a few musician endowed with a low raspy sandpaper sound that can make our minds wander. A voice can captivate our entire being with its tone.

A truly masculine male voice can change the state of a woman’s mind and body, leaving them spellbound incapable of forming a thought worth saying out loud. Next time you’re in the presence of your man, close your eyes and listen to how his voice can move you…possibly into another room!

Hey sexy…speak to me.

Music and Sex Appeal ~ Male Perspective

I will echo Tracy’s remarks about the sex appeal surrounding a person who can make music, but it’s the voice that does it for me.

I appreciate a woman who can make your body turn to molten chocolate at the sound of their voice. They don’t have to be singing mind you; a sexy voice alone can leave a man thinking to himself, ‘you had me at hello’, but there is just something extremely seductive about a woman who can sing. It’s not a prerequisite but I think its high on the list of qualities that heightens the attraction.

As far as stars and singing abilities go, Reese Witherspoon surprising enough, immediately came to mind when I read Tracy’s post. I can’t say that I ever followed the music of June Carter, but soon after I saw ‘Walk the Line’ for the first time, I bought the soundtrack. Reese makes the twang a sexy thing. I am imagining a play on a Duke Ellington song; ‘It don’t mean a thang, if it aint got that twang.’

I was seeing a woman who had mentioned in passing, that she liked to sing. We were on our way home from a night out in Toronto, when suddenly she started to sing to me. I will tell you that being stuck on the Queen Elizabeth Way while listening to a beautiful woman serenade you is not a fair place to be; especially hearing their singing voice for the first time. I could hardly concentrate on driving.  Imagine being lost in a song in your car, and then imagine that voice is sitting right next to you.

I love those words Tracy ended her post with: ‘Give me your heart, make it real, or else forget about it’. Don’t just give me your heart. Give me all of it or move on. I don’t want half of you. That’s what I get out of those words! Very powerful.

Dave Mathews hands down, has some of the sexiest lyrics. My favourite is ‘Lover Lay Down’. You can’t listen to his lyrics and not want to experience the moment that his art portrays. Lyrically, ‘Crash into Me’ is probably even sexier than ‘Lover Lay Down’. “‘hack up your skirt a little more, and show your world to me.” His music tells a very vivid story.