Ark Angel

TracyThe room was crawling with excitement. As we slowly slipped into the sea of enthusiasts, a waft of gasoline mixed with exhaust set the fragrant tone. I couldn’t help but pause while my ears were serenaded by the deep throaty throttle of what had to be a sexy red Ducati off in the distance. The atmosphere oozed raw sex appeal pleasing two of my senses within moments of entering the mix.

As we immersed ourselves into the river of heavy black leather, inked sleeves and worn faded jeans his deep mellow voice began its seduction.”Stay close, I don’t want to lose you“. The room was full of freedom seeking souls who all had a common thread. The culture or texture of the room was understood amongst those who lived it. I could only focus on his magnetic male energy. His power and strength captured mine each time he gently brushed against me. When I closed my eyes I could still feel his presence in the room.

Scantily dressed tantalizing women in thigh high black leather boots, bustiers laced tight exposing voluptuous cleavage and torn fishnet stockings devoured him as his stride slowly seduced them into a frenzy. Glamorous Pin-ups in stilettos bit their cherry red lips in unison as his scent enticed them, only allowing them to inhale. He was Angelic walking through a room full of sinners willing to confess their deepest darkest secrets in hopes they would become pure again, if only he would indulge them with his touch. His charismatic energy took hold of me. Was I willing to confess my sins to him to feel his touch? In that moment he gently placed both hands on my waist from behind slowly turning me around and kissed my lips softly amid the now silent chaos. I too, was only able to inhale after his lips touched mine. I could hear the lovelies in the room exhale from a distance. He took a little piece of my heart in that moment, placing it safely next to his.


We continued to meander effortlessly through the crowd sharing intimate thoughts through our eyes. My finger tips were drawn towards the silky black scintillating paint of a Thruxton. Following the curve of the tank I imagined it to be his skin. At that moment we were alone in the room. Time stood still. I slowly traced his deep ebony silhouette wondering what would happen next, if I touched him. I felt his warmth. I closed my eyes to absorb the heat that radiated from his strong body leading with my chest, arms at my sides like I was soaking up the warm summer sun and then I felt his hand under mine. His energy overwhelmed me.

He continued to gently brushing against me making me pause each time. I had to remind myself we were not alone. Our electricity leaped back and forth from his skin to mine each time we were near.

I felt safe to explore knowing he was there. His presence electrified me. I was alone with him in a room full of eyes aware of the chemistry building between us. I could no longer hold onto my secret. It was falling like sand through the cracks of my walls I so bravely build over the years.

Tracy signiture

Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are better than sexy…they’re titillating! We all have those secret spots we hope our lover finds while exploring our naked flesh! Some are placed strategically on our human canvas others are unique to each of us. If your curious as to where these zones are on your lover have them stand naked and gently touch every inch of their skin and you will be sure to find every single one! An erogenous zone treasure hunt! My only advice…take your time!

Heightened sensitivity is the key to identifying zones of pleasure! When you are tuned into your partners body the language is clear; shutters, shivers, a short quick breath and audible delight are a sign you’ve found the treasure you’re seeking. When stimulated the result is the production of erotic sensations or sexual excitement. It’s as mentally stimulating as it is physically if you are immersed in the moment. Rousing the physiology of the human body is tantalizing awakening senses that have laid dormant in our physical form. Once our body reacts to the touch of our lover our mind takes over controlling our sexual arousal.

If you want to drive your partner absolutely crazy sending them into a frenzy of pleasure navigate their flesh and explore in detail their erogenous map.

The obvious erogenous zones are not always the most stimulating it purely depend on your partner. Breasts for some woman can lead to such pleasure there is no need to continue any further. The inner thigh, behind the knees, buttocks and nape of the neck are a few areas to start. Just breathing on these parts of the body can give your partner goose bumps all over. Imagine the reaction when you finally touch that delicate spot for the first time before you go any further.

The number one female erogenous zone…lips. Keep this in mind the next time you reach in for a passionate kiss, so basic, so simple, such pleasure!