Dance with Me

TracyReady to explore my imagination, posture poised I relinquish my fear ready to escape into the passionate world of words once again. Enveloped by the mood of the moment I begin my journey. He is my muse. Deep inside he waits for me to channel my desires and set fire to the smouldering ember that lay behind the windows of my soul. The sound of his voice resonates through me, warming my flesh in waves. His presence feels like a light warm breeze when he is near. My skin cools when he steps away to watch me dance alone. I summons him by gracefully closing my lashes, allowing them to brush against one another intimately. He appears…I surrender as he takes my breath.

He reaches toward me taking my hand and we begin our dance, our journey. The enchanting melody of Enya’s ‘Flora’s Secret’ fills the room as we begin to move in unison. I adorn a gown so elegant I blush at its beauty. His strength leads me whimsically around the dance floor. He captures my every thought the moment I release them.


I can taste the words floating among us as our bodies gently moves freely with the lyrical beauty that surrounds us. Drawn to my lips words wisp by, wanting so desperately to be savoured slowly by my romantic palate. They tempt me in hopes of being devoured by my insatiable appetite for their sensual inflection. I invite rapture to sit on the tip of my tongue as we dance as one. Its meaning melts slowly infusing a feeling of intense pleasure. Divine steps forth taunting me, God like, allowing me to see and feel its power when placed beside rapture on the page in my mind. They taste exquisite together. Devine and rapture join intense and desire, arousing the undeniable feeling of devote affection seeping slowly from my pores.

My unrestrained love for him holds my heart. I effortlessly open my arms to truth. I feel his presence next to me as I am reminded to breathe. My mouth opens slightly allowing a short quick breath of air that saturates my lips with delicate prose. My elegant dress has slipped off my shoulders floating gently to the waiting floor miles below. I am now ready to open my arms exposing my naked soul.

My mind wanders down paths I secretly want to explore, tasting delicious words along the way. To fully enjoy this one must allow themselves to explore to a depth that is beyond their control.

Dance with me…

Tracy signiture

Life Should Be Powered by Dreams…

His eyes were intense, full of adventure and desire. He could penetrate her walls with a single look. His body was strong and powerful. His heart was aching as he sat next to her unable to express how he felt. His ache grew stronger as he lost himself in her touch, knowing he would not have her…then. He was young and immature, lacking the ability to express how she made him feel…and paid the price. He would be forced to say good-bye not knowing if they would ever cross paths again. Their time together was fleeting, but enough to embed an unfinished feel about it deep inside both their subconscious minds. Maybe, just maybe the Universe would align itself once again, allowing them a serendipitous moment that both their romantic minds would recognize and understand more clearly.

She was captivated by his deep intense gaze that forced her to look away. She had never had a man look at her with such powerful intent. He frightened her. Her heart wanted to take a leap of faith but didn’t know how. Her entire body vibrated with feelings she had never experienced before. Intense passionate love was new to her.  Desires of uncontrollable lust were years away. She had no past to recall upon, she had only just begun her journey into exploring her mind as a hopeless romantic. She had not been taught how to grab onto her feeling with both hands and savour them slowly. She had not yet become the woman who was able to share her intimate thoughts with a man who had such a powerful presence. She was scared, unable to take the risk of exposing her inner truth of how he made her feel. She wanted to be with him…but didn’t know how. She had years of growing and unfolding to do before she could comfortably take on his challenge, risking it all.

She captured his look in a photograph that she revisited now and then, each time it brought back powerful unfinished feelings and questions of why they had connected so many years ago. He was a memory deep inside her youthful past that had been put behind her…until now.